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With so many people around the world having an interest in online gambling, it is essential for players to be aware of laws pertaining to online betting so they can choose casinos that cater to their needs. Gambling online is not supported by every country and players may have to seek the services of licensed off shore casinos when they wish to wager real money online.

United States Online Casinos

For many years, players who resided in the United States had to content with UIGEA, an act that prohibited players from conducting real money transactions at online casinos. This made it difficult for players to use payment methods when they were playing for real money. There are also a number of software developers that will not accept real money players who reside in this location, so the choices of casino sites can be a bit limited. In the past few years, changes to gambling laws have changed and there are now operating gambling sites right in the United States, allowing players to easily access games and enjoy real money gaming action. However, there are few of these sites to date, so many players will continue to seek off shore casinos that cater to their needs. US friendly off shore online casinos will support US Dollars and will offer usable payment methods so players can enjoy the best games and some great payouts.

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Australia Online Casinos

Australia is a country where gambling is very popular and there are a number of local pubs and land based casinos that offer great games. When it comes to online gambling, the country has strict laws that prevent any casino site from operating within the country. This means that there are no true Australian online casinos available and players who wish to gamble online will have to visit off shore sites. The laws that are in effect only pertain to operators and do not restrict players from accessing sites for real money gambling. Luckily, there are many great casino sites that welcome Aussie players and offer trusted payment methods like POLi. These sites will also conduct transaction in Australian Dollars to make it easy to manage casino accounts. There are hundreds of Aussie sites available, many of which are home to some of the most popular pokie games online.

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New Zealand Online Casinos

The gambling laws that pertain to players from New Zealand are very similar to those in Australia. The government of New Zealand does not support online gambling and does not allow any site to operate within the country. In addition to this law, no online casino is allowed to advertise their services to residents of New Zealand. There are no specific laws that state that players cannot gamble online, but they will not be able to find any operating sites in their own country. These players will instead have to find off shore casinos that will meet their needs by supporting local currencies and payment methods. In New Zealand, gambling is a popular pastime and many residents have found reliable and trusted sites that will always meet their needs while providing a safe and secure environment when betting real money.

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Netherlands Online Casinos

The Netherlands are known to have relaxed laws when it comes to gambling, but in regards to online gambling, the laws are completely different and the area discourages any form of gambling online. In fact, steps have been taken to prevent Dutch players from accessing any online casino that is not hosted in the Netherlands, and surprisingly, there are none! This means that these players have some hurdles to jump when they wish to gamble online. There are no licensed online casinos in the country and the government has tried to block users from accessing many off shore sites. Even with these measures, it is still possible for residents to find off shore sites that will allow real money gambling activities. While it can be difficult to find a site, players have been successful in locating some great online casinos that will accept them.

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